A picture of the finished sailor inspired nursery
Transfom your nursery into a sailor inspired paradise

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 42 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


Transform your child’s nursery or bedroom into a sailor inspired fairy-tale. All you need is some blue paint, maritime stickers and a cross line laser.

You need
  • masking tape
  • paint roller or paintbrush
  • blue paint
  • maritime wall stickers
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Video instructions

Step 1 6

Getting started

A picture of someone setting up a Quigo Plus
Start by setting up the Quigo

Firstly, you need to position the Quigo Plus and align the laser cross on the wall. The border should ultimately be applied so that it is neat and accurate. To do this, set up the tripod, click the measuring tool into place and align the laser cross at a height of approximately 1.10 m on the wall.

Step 2 6

Start lining up the masking tape

A picture of someone placing green masking tape in a horizontal line onto a wall
Applying masking tape along the horizontal line

You need: masking tape

Now you can apply the masking tape simply by sticking it in place along the horizontal line of the
laser cross.

Step 3 6

Creating the template

A picture of someone placing green masking tape onto a wall in horizontal lines
Start mapping out the template

Use the crank handle to lower the tripod by a finger‘s width and repeat the previous step. The two strips of tape mark out the outline of the top horizontal stripe. Place the second horizontal stripe in the same manner underneath the first, and ensure that there will be enough space to add the maritime motifs later.

Next place the Quigo Plus facing the wall slightly diagonally so that the distances between the marks on the horizontal line are constantly increasing. In this way the longitudinal stripes of the border are getting wider to one side. For this purpose, place a little piece of tape on each mark on the laserline.

Step 4 6

Creating the vertical stripes

A picture of someone sticking masking tape in a vertical lines on the wall
Now apply masking tape for the vertical stripes

You can now apply the masking tape for the vertical stripes by positioning the vertical reference line on the Quigo Plus over the already applied pieces of tape and applying masking tape along the line down to the floor. Repeat this step for all vertical stripes. The Quigo Plus is self-leveling, meaning it always projects the laser lines on the wall automatically and with 100% accuracy, so that none of the lines are askew.

Step 5 6

Now add paint

A picture of someone painting the wall blue in every other vertical and horizontal stripe
Now add the paint

You need: paint roller or paintbrush, floor protector or cover sheets, blue paint

Now start painting every other vertical or horizontal stripe blue. This is best achieved using a smaller paint roller. Make sure that you don't paint outside of the areas marked by masking tape and use a paintbrush in the corners if necessary. Leave the paint to dry a while and then add another one or two coats to achieve a good coverage of colour before carefully removing the masking tape.

Step 6 6

Adding the finishing touches

A picture of someone working out the middle points for the maritime motifs
A pictue of someone adding the motifs to the finished wall

You need: maritime motifs

To position the maritime motifs, align the horizontal line of the Quigo Plus in the center of the two horizontal stripes. The target plate is used to ensure that the motifs are all evenly spaced apart by holding it against the wall and adjusting the Quigo Plus until the vertical laser line runs perfectly through the two red stripes on the plate. This ensures that the spacing between the marks on both laser lines are all exactly the same size.

Last but no least, use the marks on the laser line to stick the motifs onto the wall at equal intervals. Your sailor inspired nursery is now complete.