Create your own stylish 2in1 desk

Picture of a desk and vanity table in one
Transform your desk with our simple guide

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    100-200 £
  • Duration
    3 - 8 h


Our 2in1 desk is perfect if you’re limited on space or want to keep all of your belongings in one place. Easily transform your table from a desk into a vanity table with the flip of a lid. Just follow our step-by-step guide to get started.

You need
  • work gloves
  • paint brush
  • face mask
  • safety glasses
  • tape measure
  • screw clamps
  • pencil
  • MDF board
  • pine glued laminated timber
  • square timber
  • brass hinges with matching screws
  • wood screws
  • nails
  • paint
  • mirror with adhesive suspension (size matching the folding panel)
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 7

Getting started

A picture of all the tools and materials needed to complete the 2in1 desk project.
Here's everything you need
A picture of someone using a green cordless jigsaw to cut a black table
Cut out the sunken compartment using a cordless jigsaw

You need: Jigsaws, tape measure, safety glasses, work gloves, pencil, desk

First, find a suitable table to use as your 2in1 desk. Then define the dimensions of the sunken compartment depending on the size of your chosen table. Transfer the dimensions onto the centre of the tabletop using a tape measure and pencil. Then cut out the flap for the sunken compartment using a cordless jigsaw.

Step 2 7

Fitting the hinges

A picture of using a cordless drill/driver to fit hinges
Next fix the hinges to the flap for the sunken compartment

You need: Multi-sander, brass hinges

Screw the previously cut out flap to the table with brass hinges so that the hinges are on the back of the flap when it’s folded up. Use a cordless drill/driver to do this. Don't forget to pre-drill the holes before attaching the hinges.

Step 3 7

Creating the sunken compartment

A picture of someone cutting a wooden board to size using a cordless jigsaw
Now to saw the sunken compartment to size

You need: Jigsaws, screw clamps, safety glasses, work gloves, tape measure, pencil, MDF board, glued laminated timber

To create your sunken compartment, cut the base out of MDF board and 4 side panels from glued laminated timber to match the size if the flap using a cordless jigsaw. The wider the slats of glued laminated timber, the deeper the sunken compartment will be.

Step 4 7

Fitting together the sunken compartment

A picture of someone using a cordless drill/driver to fit the sunken compartment together
Fix the sunken compartment together

You need: Multi-sander, wood screws

Next screw together the side panels with a cordless drill/driver. Make sure to fix each of the panels together with two wood screws with their corners exactly flush so that the sunken compartment fits precisely in the cutout section of the table. Then attach the base to the 4 sides.

Step 5 7

Decorate the sunken compartment

A picture of someone painting the sunken compartment a soft pink.
Paint your sunken compartment in a colour of your choice

You need: paint brush, paint

Paint the sunken compartment to match the colour of your table. We painted ours black to match the black table used in the project. Make sure to paint the underside of the flap too, you could even paint it a contrasting colour. In our example, we painted the flap and the inside of the sunken compartment a soft pink but the colour choice is up to you.

Step 6 7

Reinforcing the tabletop

A picture of a someone screwing squared timber to the tabletop
Make sure to reinforce the tabletop

You need: Jigsaws, Multi-sander, tape measure, screw clamps, safety glasses, pencil, square timber, wood screws

Whilst the paint is drying on the sunken compartment, saw two pieces of square timber to the length of the sunken compartment and fit them to the underside of the tabletop along the cutout using three wood screws for each. Tip: For a better hold, you can also reinforce all four sides of the sunken compartment with square timber.

Step 7 7

Fitting the sunken compartment

Picture of someone attaching the sunken compartment to the desk
Attach the sunken compartment to your table to complete your 2in1 desk

You need: Multi-sander, mirror

Next insert the sunken compartment and screw it to the pieces of square timber from the inside outwards. Make sure that the top edge of the sunken compartment is flush underneath the tabletop, and the flap can be completely closed. Then mount the mirror in the centre of the inner side of the flap and your 2in1 desk is complete!