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Quigo Plus

Quigo Plus
Quigo Plus
Quigo Plus
Quigo Plus
Quigo Plus Quigo Plus Quigo Plus Quigo Plus
A major plus when styling
  • Projects both horizontal and vertical laser lines simultaneously
  • Align complex patterns at equal and variable distances thanks to markings on the laser lines
  • Laser lines are automatically straight even when tool is on slightly uneven surfaces
  • Perfect for quick alignment of decorative items, pictures and shelves, borders, wallpaper, or tiles
  • Precise height adjustment and versatile positioning via tripod that comes with the tool
  • Comes with sustainability features, please find more detail below
£80.89* RRP incl. VAT

The handy guide for marking equal distances on walls

Style and substance – the Quigo Plus is the ideal helper when creating designs or patterns on walls. Align complex patterns at equal and variable distances thanks to the markings on the laser lines. Projecting both horizontal and vertical laser lines simultaneously, the tool makes lining up items or patterns simple and precise thanks to its automatically straight lines. Hang decorative items, pictures, and shelves, place wallpaper or tiles, and align a variety of objects with speed, accuracy (+/-0.8 mm/m), and easy handling due to one-slider. It has a self-levelling range of +/-4° and projects a perfect laser cross, for precise and easy alignment on the wall. It includes a tripod for precise height adjustments and versatile positioning.

  • Focused on simplicity
  • For small to medium-sized tasks
  • Focused on functionality and performance for a broader range of tasks
  • For medium-sized tasks
  • Best performance with enhanced features
  • Larger and more challenging tasks

A major plus when styling

Hang pictures with ease at an equal distance from each other
Map out a wardrobe in minutes
Get creative – map images on the wall
Line up wallpaper in a flash

Functions and Advantages of Quigo Plus

Adjusting the laser height accurately between 0.37 m to 1.1 m is easy thanks to this handy aluminium tripod.

Tripod included for easy and precise height adjustment

Adjusting the laser height accurately between 0.37 m to 1.1 m is easy thanks to this handy aluminium tripod.


Product & Accessories

"*All components visible from the outside excluding battery and accessories"
"Tripod uses >80% recycled plastic"
"Tripod uses >80% recycled metal"
"Target plate uses >95% recycled plastic"


"*All parts which make up the packaging for a product made from paper fibres"
"User manual and leaflet use 100% recycled fibres"
"*All parts which make up the packaging for a product made from paper fibres"

Technical details for Quigo Plus

Technical specifications
Laser diode
635 nm
Laser class
Self-levelling time, typ.
6 s
Levelling range
± 4 °
± 0.8 mm/m
Tripod thread
0,270 kg
2 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA)
Working range, approx.
7 m
Delivery details: Quigo Plus
Order number:
2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA) batteries
Target plate
1.1 m aluminium tripod
Order number:
EAN Code

Available Accessories

MM 2

MM 2

Easy, fast, and flexible positioning to a variety of objects

The MM 2 delivers easy, quick, and flexible fixing solutions for laser levelling tools. This clamp enables versatile and convenient fixing options on objects and surfaces with a width between 10 mm and 60 mm such as a ladder or a shelf. Its movable clamp arm features fine height adjustment and a 360° rotation and tilt of the tool, enabling versatile positioning for perfect placement. This universal clamp fits levelling tools with ¼” thread, such as the Quigo, Quigo green, or Quigo Plus.

360° rotation and tilt for versatile placement
MM 3

MM 3

Fast, versatile, and precise positioning of cross line lasers onto a variety of objects

The practical MM 3 universal clamp provides quick, flexible, and precise solutions for positioning the laser line at the desired height, extending the range of possible levelling applications. Its wide target clamping size of 3-70 mm allows for versatile positioning both horizontally and vertically, while the fine height adjustment range of 60 mm supports high precision. The 360° rotatable clamp arm ensures easy tilting and comfortable use when working close to ceilings by rotating the clamp by 180°. It can be conveniently used with all cross line lasers with ¼” thread. Easy, fast, uncomplicated.

MM 3
TT 150

TT 150

Height-adjustable tripod with versatile tool positioning

With a flexible tripod head positioning that enables easy tilt and full 360° rotation, a fine height adjustment range of 0.55 m to 1.57 m for versatile working heights, and integrated bubble vials that ensure perfectly level support, the TT 150 is the perfect tripod for levelling tools. This robust, high-quality aluminium tripod features rubber feet for stability on any floor as well as a ¼” thread for fast and easy tool fixing.

Fine height adjustment range of 0.55 - 1.57 m
TP 320

TP 320

Easy and versatile positioning of levelling tools at every desired height

The TP 320 telescopic pole makes it simple to position levelling tools quickly and flexibly at any desired height. With a working range of 0.1 m to 3.20 m, it allows for the convenient placement of tools even at extreme heights close to ceilings or floors. It features four twist-and-lock telescopic sections for swift and easy setup, and comes with tool and mount brackets for even greater versatility. The pole´s spring ceiling plate ensures a flexible yet secure hold at any angle. Its compact folding format and a practical carrying bag enables space-saving storage and transportation. For use with all levelling tools with ¼" thread.

Fast and versatile tool positioning of 0.1 - 3.20 m

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