Multi Tool Accessories for Grout and Abrasive

Starlock AIZ 32 RT5 Carbide-RIFF Plunge Cutting Saw Blade

AIZ 32 RT5
  • Carbide-RIFF plunge-cutting saw blade
  • Plunge cuts in strongly abrasive materials (e.g. fibreglass)
  • Rasping/filing functionality (e.g. deburring plunge cuts in fibreglass)
  • Also excellent for removing mortar right into the most remote corners Plunge cutting saw blade with additional benefit
  • With high-quality carbide grit coated cutting edge for 10 times longer lifetime (than standard saw blades)
  • Rounded (convex) cutting edge for precise, jolt-free and smooth plunge cutting
  • With additional rasping function for deburring and/or removing mortar or tile adhesive
  • Maximum power transfer thanks to 3-dimensional quick-clamping system (SDS)
  • Fits most dominating multifunction power tools (e.g. Bosch, Fein, Makita, Works, Einhell, Skil, etc.)


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