5 ideas for wall decoration: create that holiday feeling at home

Five creative ideas for a new wall decoration
Do you find wallpaper and white paint boring after returning home from your holidays? Then why not redecorate your walls with one of these creative ideas

Got wanderlust? We've got five wall decoration ideas that will help you to bring that holiday feeling home. With a little Morocco in the bathroom and Portugal in the living room, your next holiday will come around sooner than you think!

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Next stop: California!

This colourful wall decoration will transport you to California.
This wall decoration will transport you directly to the Californian coast. © getty images

There's no need to book a flight to enjoy that California feeling. Light, creamy stripes of colour will transform your home into a Californian beach house. To add a little coastal flair to your walls, cover the stripes you want to keep white with masking tape. To make sure your new, finished wall decoration looks straight, we recommend that you use a cross-line laser. You can set up the laser so that a vertical line runs down your wall, which you can follow when creating the stripes. Then get painting and leave your handiwork to dry. Finally, remove the masking tape and you're all done! Now the sun will shine all year round in your room and you can dream of California from your sofa – all that's missing is the sound of the ocean.


The best way to apply an even coat of paint to your wall is with a paint spray system, which is far more effective than a brush and roller. The paint nozzle can be adjusted to spray vertically, horizontally or in a circular motion. For the Californian look, we recommend the vertical setting. You'll be surprised just how quickly your walls will look like a Californian beach house – and all without the aching arms!

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Surfer style from Portugal

Make your own geometric wall decoration.
This wall decoration is as laid-back as the beaches in Portugal. © istock

Have you spent time on a surfboard in the wild waves off the Portuguese coast? Well now you can bring a little surfer style to your home! This wall decoration, made of different, brightly coloured fruit pallets and squares is as laid-back as your days spent on the west coast of Portugal.

You can build the fruit-pallet shelving in no time with our step-by-step tutorial. For the wall decoration, simply create squares and rectangles on the wall using coloured tape. Picture frames will break up the look and give it an individual flair. Now simply add a few mementos to the fruit pallets and your wall decoration will be a daily reminder of your search for the perfect wave.

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Moroccan flair in the bathroom

This Moroccan-style wall decoration is perfect for the bathroom.
This Moroccan-style wall decoration will transform your bathroom into an Oriental temple. © istock

Do you love a hint of the Orient? Then transform your bathroom into a Moroccan oasis of well-being with these splendid wall embellishments. Bright, bold colours and mosaics are the hallmarks of Moroccan style. Ornamental Moroccan stencils will help you to add patterns to the wall. Fix the stencils to the wall with sticky tape or hold them firmly against the wall while you paint over them in bright colours. If you want your pattern to look particularly symmetrical, a cross-line laser will help you to work out the exact position of each stencil. If you don't want to repaint all of the wall, you could just decorate a stripe with the mosaics.

Alternatively, you could go for mosaic tiles. You'll probably only want to consider this if you're renovating your bathroom – but in that case it's well worth the effort!

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Count down the days until your next holiday with a blackboard wall

A blackboard wall decoration combines beauty and practicality.
Transform your wall into the ultimate holiday planner with blackboard paint. © getty images

Instead of being fixated on a country you've already been to, would you rather daydream about where your next holiday will be? If so, you'll love this blackboard wall decoration! You can use the wall to gather your ideas, draft packing lists or count down the days until your next trip. And once you're back, you can easily hang photos and mementos on the blackboard wall too. To do this, simply add a layer of magnetic paint underneath the blackboard paint.

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This world map on your wall will make you hungry for your next adventure

World map wall decoration
See every country in the world at once from the comfort of your own home. © istock

We want to suppress your wanderlust, not get rid of it completely ... and the yearning for your next adventure will certainly not disappear with a large world map on the wall. To decorate your home with every country around the globe, you just need a stencil and your favourite colour, and before you know it, a map of the world will be painted on your wall. To personalise the map, you can also decorate it with your holiday snaps. Simply pin your photos to the relevant country.