For all pizza lovers who want to create a unique pizza board at home

Five plates, glasses and three wooden pizza boards are set on a festively decorated table.
Make a great impression by setting your very own personalised pizza boards on a table decorated just in time for Christmas

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


Whether you’re a fan of pineapple on pizza, super spicy ingredients or extra cheese – everyone has a favourite pizza topping. Now you can make your very own pizza boards at home and personalise them. Eating pizza straight out of the box or from plates that are too small will finally become a thing of the past. This is how to do it:

You need
  • ruler
  • face mask
  • ear protectors
  • safety glasses
  • screw clamps
  • pencil
  • nails
  • piece of string
  • hardwood board: 40 x 80 cm (standard size, ideal for two pizza boards)
  • leather cord or similar
  • oil for sealing
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 6

Determine the dimensions, measure and draw the circle

A wooden board lies on a work surface. A boy draws a circle on the board using a pencil.
You can very easily make a compass using a nail, a piece of string and a pencil to draw the round shape of your pizza board

You need: pencil, wooden board, piece of string, nail

Your first step will be to determine the size of your pizza board and transfer the dimensions to the wood. We recommend drawing a circle with a radius of 17 cm. You can also make a smaller or bigger pizza board, of course.

You will need a big compass to outline the outer edge of the pizza board. If you do not have any at hand, you can simply make a compass using a nail, a piece of string and a pencil.

Now draw a circle with a radius of 17 cm using the pencil.

Step 2 6

Trace the handles

A boy uses a pencil to make a mark on a wooden board. Another person helps him to measure it using a pocket rule.
Now draw the handle for your pizza board
A wooden board lies on a work surface. Two circles are drawn onto the board.
Depending on the size of the wooden board, you may be able to saw two pizza boards from the same board
Both pizza boards are drawn out in a sketch with all dimensions.
Here you can see exactly which dimensions you will have to draw out for your pizza boards

You need: ruler, pencil, sketch

Your board will need a handle. First, measure the handle length 10 cm from the edge of the circle and mark it using a pencil. To ensure that the handle lies in the centre, draw a line from the centre point of the circle to the marking for the handle. Please note: Ensure that the handle goes in the direction of the wood grain. This will make it more stable.

You will need to take further measurements and mark them to ensure that your handle is the right width. Please refer to the sketch above for the exact dimensions.

When you have drawn all the lines, you can mark the curvature of the handle. It’s easiest to do this freehand.


You will be able to saw two pizza boards from a standard 40 x 80 cm board.

Step 3 6

Sawing the boards

A boy saws a circle from a piece of wood using a jigsaw. A woman holding a pocket rule stands behind him.
The drawn-out pizza boards can now be sawn

You need: Jigsaws, Jigsaw blade T 308 BOF, screw clamps, work gloves, safety glasses, ear protectors

Now it’s time to use the jigsaw: First, clamp the wood securely on the work surface to saw out your pizza board.

Now saw along the lines you drew on the board.

Step 4 6


A round, sawn-out wooden board is clamped down securely on a work surface. A boy sands down the surface of the board using a cordless sander.
Time to sand the board!

You need: Multi-sander, Sanding sheet for multi-sander G120, screw clamps, face mask, ear protectors, wood oil

All edges and surfaces of the pizza board must be well-sanded. Always make sure that you are sanding with the grain.

Go over it again with lots of fine sandpaper after you have finished the coarse sanding work for a perfectly smooth board surface. Then use wood oil to seal your board.

Step 5 6

Drill wall hanging hole

A boy drills a hole in the handle of a wooden board using a cordless drill.
Drill a hole in the handle if you would like to hang the pizza board on the wall

You need: Cordless drill/driver, Wood drill bit 5mm, screw clamps, safety glasses, ear protectors, cord

Your pizza board will need a wall hanging hole if you want to hang it up and show it off in your home. To do so, drill a hole at the bottom of the handle and thread a cord through it.

Step 6 6


A boy holds a Dremel soldering iron in his right hand. He uses it to decorate the round wooden board.
Your pizza board is very simple to decorate using a pyrographic method

You need: Dremel VersaTip Butane soldering iron

For a totally unique look, use a Dremel VersaTip soldering iron to very simply decorate your pizza board. But please be careful – it can get rather hot. Trace your pattern or lettering on the board in pencil. Then, go over the lines with the Dremel soldering iron.

Are you happy with your design? Then it’s time to put your pizza in the oven!


It's important to be careful when using the Dremel soldering iron - but don't go over the lines too slowly. Escaping air can quickly cause brown spots to form on the wood.