Create a homemade Easter bunny toy for your little ones

A picture of a wooden toy bunny on wheels in a kids bedroom

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    50-100 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


Create a homemade wooden toy for your little ones this Easter, the perfect special present. Just follow our simple step-by-step guide.

You need
  • face mask
  • safety glasses
  • screw clamps
  • pencil
  • 1 glued wood panel, standard pine (80 x 30 cm x 1.8 cm)
  • 1 pine rod (0.8 x 100 cm)
  • 4 ready-made wooden wheels (approx. 6 cm diameter)
  • 1 eyebolt with wood thread
  • cord
  • bunny template
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 4

Getting started

A picture of all the tools needed for the bunny project
Here's everything you need
A picture of someone copying out the bunny template
Copy out the bunny template onto the wood

You need: pencil, glued wood panel, bunny template

Start by cutting out the printed bunny template. Then mark the outline of the bunny on the glued wood panel using a pencil.

Bunny template

Step 2 4

Start cutting out the bunny

A picture of someone cutting out the bunny using a cordless jigsaw from Bosch
Cut the bunny out using a cordless jigsaw

You need: Jigsaws, g-clamps

Next fix the wood panel to the workbench using screw clamps and then use a cordless jigsaw and a curve-cutting saw blade to cleanly cut out the bunny. Then cut the rod to a desired length, we cut ours too 14cm.

A tip for those who also want to cut out the wheels themselves: Simply cut the wheels out of the scrap wood using a holesaw accessory (6 cm diameter) and then sand them thoroughly.

Step 3 4

Get a smooth finish

A picture of someone sanding down the wooden bunny with a multi-sander
Use a multi-sander for a smooth finish

You need: Multi-sander

Now to sand down the cut out bunny with a multi-sander to achieve to a smooth finish.

Step 4 4

Fitting the wheels

A picture of someone attaching the wooden wheels to the wooden bunny
Just add the wheels

You need: wooden wheels, eyebolt with wood thread, cord

Nearly there! Drill holes into the feet and wheels using a 8mm drill bit and then slide the rods through both holes. Next attach the wooden wheels onto the rods and screw an eyebolt with a wooden thread into the front axle. Then lastly attach a cord to the bunny as a leash and you're done.