5 reasons you should choose copper for your home decor

A bedroom with an industrial look and feel, decorated with copper accessories.
Thanks to copper’s outstanding malleability, you can easily make your own decorative accessories and even furniture with the metal – making for great accents in your home. © istock

Copper is still in demand – and rightly so! The malleable metal is easy to work with, making it suitable for a wide range of DIY projects. Copper was originally used in industry, communications technology and electronics. So as a decorative element in the home, it radiates industrial charm – without coming across as cold. Combined with wood, black and white or even pastel shades, the metal’s rough, high-contrast effect really shines through. What’s more, copper is recyclable, making it a sustainable metal. Still need convincing? Then here are five reasons to put more copper in your home!

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Frame your favourite memories in copper

Photo frames made from copper sheet rolled in circles, hanging side by side on the wall.
Here’s a creative way to present your favourite photos: round frames made from copper sheet, in different depths and diameters. © SCHÖNER WOHNEN

Do you have any special photos or mementoes that are particularly close to your heart? Then show them off with copper! Copper sheet can be easily rolled into circles to create unique frames for your best photos or somewhere to store small keepsakes. Making the frames in different sizes will give your personal gallery even more structure and depth.


A tip: In this video tutorial on cutting copper you will learn how to cut copper sheet to the desired size.

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Copper candle holders that shimmer and shine

Two candles made from copper caps filled with wax and a wick.
With some wax and a wick, some simple copper caps from the DIY shop can be transformed into eye-catching accessories that light up an entire room. © The Merrythought

When it starts getting darker outside, we love to create some warm light in the home with candles. Using copper caps intended for pipes, it’s easy to make your own copper candle holders. Simply fill the caps with liquid wax and place a wick in the centre. If you position several of the candles next to one another, the light will reflect off the metal for an extra warm glow.

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Brighten up your home with a copper lamp

A desk with a lamp on it made from copper piping, a vintage bulb and a concrete base.
You can use copper piping to create unique desk or floor lamps. © istock

Do you love industrial interior design? Then this concept for copper piping will be worth its weight in gold. It’s relatively easy to make your own lamp from copper pipes that were actually intended for gas lines – simply pull the cable through the pipes. Using elbows and tees, you can even create curves and corners! You can also make the base from copper, or even from wood or concrete. If using the latter, mould the pipe directly into the base. Want your lamp to look extra special? Then pick out a colourful cable in the DIY shop, or opt for a vintage light bulb.

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Say it with copper

The word paradise, made from copper pipes bent and soldered together, hanging on a grey concrete wall.
What would you say with copper? © umbra

Sometimes it’s nice to wear your heart on your sleeve and display special words or numbers for all the world to see; which explains why illuminated letters or hand lettering are so popular right now. But why not create your favourite slogan or mantra yourself using copper pipes? Simply make the individual letters or numbers that make up the word, date or statement that’s special to you – and there you have your very own unique copper decor. It’ll look particularly striking against grey concrete or hanging on a coloured wall.

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Copper wire: an easy way to decorate

An orchid in a flower pot standing in front of a natural wood wall; the flower pot is attached to the wall with some wire mesh made from copper.
Copper wire is ideal for creating your own accessories and decorative elements. © istock

When decorating, sometimes small accents can make a big impact – and the same applies to copper decor too. If pipes or copper sheet are too much for you, then try starting out with copper wire. Bend it into a mesh bracket for your flower pots and vases. Brackets of different lengths make for an even more striking effect when you hang them on the wall. Our tip: a single flower, for example in a test tube, offers a great contrast to the metal.