Transform your terrace into an outdoor sanctuary with these five ideas

Several different pieces of pallet furniture and plants can be seen on a roof terrace, which also features a small awning.
Not everyone has access to a big roof terrace, but with our tips you’ll be able to transform even the smallest balcony into a cool place to hang out and unwind.

Having access to a balcony or terrace from your apartment is a blessing, especially if you live in a big city. Every second spent chilling out on your balcony during the summer can almost feel like a mini holiday. We’ve compiled a list of a few design ideas that will make it your favourite hangout spot for enjoying the warm weather. Take inspiration from these tips and let your creative side run free!

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Transform your terrace or balcony into a green haven

  • Several different plants hung at different heights have been affixed to a privacy screen made from wood.
  • Two small metal buckets with plants in them are hanging from a metal ladder.
  • Two flower boxes made from wood are hanging from a brick wall.
  • A balcony railing has been decorated with lots of flowers and plants.

Having lots of plants around you can make you feel that little bit closer to nature. Hanging up lots of small plants is a great idea if you don’t want to have to lug big, heavy pots around. These small hanging pots (see picture 1 and 2) are just the ticket. They’re also perfect for hiding parts of your balcony that are not so nice to look at, like a bare corner or a grey wall. This set-up on a larger scale is often referred to as a ‘vertical garden’ (picture 3). You can also build these kinds of flower and plant boxes from wood at home.
Mediterranean plants like sage, thyme, rosemary and lavender, as well as classic flower varieties such as geraniums, petunias and daisies are ideal for sunny balconies and terraces. Fuchsias are more suited to shadowy corners as they survive well even without a lot of sun.

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Put together stylish terrace furniture

  • A lounge chair made from two wood pallets can be seen on a terrace.
  • A sofa made from two wood pallets can be seen on a terrace.
  • A modified wooden table has been installed in the corner of a balcony rail.
  • Two small seats made from wine boxes can be seen on a terrace.

You’ll need a few pieces of patio furniture if you want to use your terrace as an extension of your apartment. You have a wide range of options at your disposal, but furniture made from pallets is probably the right choice if you’re a dab hand at DIY. Tables and benches made from pallets have become very trendy. Simply head to your local DIY store to get some standard pallets – all you’ll have to do is screw them together. Add some big cushions or a tabletop, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a chic piece of furniture.
You can add to your pallet furniture collection with just a little bit of craftmanship and creativity. For example, you can build your own backrest from simple materials and design a lounge chair made from two pallets for your balcony.
If you need some storage space, then you can also make practical drawers for standard euro pallets in just a few steps. These drawers can also be turned upside down and used as a side table for your book or a refreshing drink while you sunbathe.
And you can also build fabulous balcony furniture using simple wooden boards or wine boxes.

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Install practical shelving

  • Bowls, plates and bottles are being stored in a shelf made from a wooden pallet.
  • A door that has been repurposed as a shelving unit is standing on a terrace.

Pallets don’t always have to be placed down on the floor. Have you ever thought about hanging them on the wall? This transforms them into a handy DIY shelving unit in the blink of an eye. All you have to do to use it as a storage space is screw on a few fitting boards from below (see picture 1). By making small adjustments such as adding wooden containers or hooks, you can flexibly orient the shelving unit to your needs. Sand it down, paint it and personalise it – the sky’s the limit!
You can upcycle an old door in just a few steps and use it as a shelving unit if you want an even simpler yet just as stylish piece of furniture.

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String up some creative lighting

  • Several lightbulbs hang from a cable attached to a corrugated iron roof.
    Works even without electricity: Solar light bulbs create a nice atmosphere.
  • Jars and candles have been attached to a wooden board hanging from the ceiling.

Ambient lighting is a must if you want to be able to enjoy your terrace in the evening too. Solar-powered light bulbs are particularly popular right now. You can simply order these online or get them at your local DIY store. The great thing about them is that you can hang them up anywhere without having to battle with a tangled mess of cables. A further plus is that they usually don’t need very much sunlight to charge and light up later in the dark.
You can also get creative when hanging up or decorating your string of lights. We’ve gone for very large, retro-style lightbulbs, hung them from a thick cable and complemented them with paper lanterns and herbs in mason jars.
If you would like to add an even more romantic touch, you can also make an enchanting garden decoration from hanging lights with candles.

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Get the colour scheme right

A balcony is decorated with white furniture and pink flowers.

The importance of maintaining a coherent colour scheme for a balcony using flowers and furniture can’t be overstated. Colours don’t just express an atmosphere, but also give structure to and divide up spaces and surfaces. For example, bright colours are perfect for small gardens and balconies as they make small surfaces appear bigger. Dark colours have the opposite effect.
Bold colours can also make a major impact. Green areas on a terrace have a calming effect, and are ideal as a background colour. Yellow, red and blue are more radiant, which makes them perfect for making a statement.
But always put some thought into which colours you want to combine – and avoid putting bright colours together just for the sake of it. Colour gradients or colour families usually produce a more harmonious vibe.

Have we managed to inspire you? Then it’s time to get cracking and start planning your new balcony or terrace! The summer is always over much too soon. We hope you have lots of fun building and decorating.

Colourful pieces of furniture and accessories are on a balcony.