Hygge at home: try out a Danish lifestyle at home

A young couple lie on a light-coloured sofa and browse through a book. The sun is shining through a large window and brightens up the large, welcoming room.
Anyone who decides to go for a hygge interior can really make the most of their home. © istock

Do you want to make your home nice and cosy ready for those cold winter nights? Then why not give hygge a try? It's the lifestyle trend that everyone's talking about. The idea behind this Danish way of life is that you get cosy and take things down a peg – and start feeling a whole lot happier too. So how does it work? It's quite simple: just try out our 9 tips.

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Create a hygge atmosphere using lights

A large, brightly lit room is illuminated by two different light sources. At the front of the room, a desk lamp lights up a wall and a sofa, while at the back of the room, modern ceiling lights hang above a dark-coloured dining table.
You can see whether your home is hygge when you turn the light on. © iStock

Are the days getting shorter, and the nights getting longer? Then it's time to turn on the lights indoors and make sure you have the right lighting . You can make your home feel really cosy if you avoid turning on the bright ceiling lights and turn on a few lamps instead of just the one. You can put large pillar candles in lanterns to create a cosy, hygge feeling in your home or outside on your balcony or terrace. Soft, warm light from fairy lights can also look welcoming and inviting.

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A large table for lots of friends

A large wooden table has been set for dinner. Water, wine and candles are also arranged on the table. People look out of the windows in the background.
A large table is just as integral to the hygge lifestyle as guests. © iStock

A large table is ideal if you want to invite friends and family over for dinner. Because food makes us happy. And sharing food with people we love makes us even happier. A large table isn't just for serving delicious dishes on, it also gives your guests enough room to sit. If you can position the table in the centre of the room and focus on making your room as comfortable as possible, you won't just have a hygge interior: you'll really be embracing the Scandinavian lifestyle.

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A new coat of paint using pastel colours

The walls of a living room are painted in a blue-grey pastel tone. Modern furniture, wooden fittings and Nordic decor fit in perfectly with the Scandinavian lifestyle.
Choosing the right colours is an important part of a hygge interior. © iStock

In Denmark, people often opt for pastel tones to create a hygge atmosphere in their homes. And you don't need to stop at the walls. A mint-green armchair or a sofa in pastel pink can also create the desired effect. By combining white and grey tones with the right decorative elements, you'll soon have a Scandinavian feel in your home. These colours also go perfectly with copper .

To make small rooms look bigger, you should go for cool blue or green tones. These colours will really open up a room. You can take a look at our article to find out more about colours and their effects .
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A cosy sofa for relaxing on

A mother and father sit close to each other on a comfortable large corner sofa. Their son and daughter relax with headphones and tablets on the other side of the sofa.
A sofa shouldn't just look good: it also needs to be comfortable. Then nothing can stop you from having a hygge home. © iStock

Where can you relax in the evenings? On the sofa, of course! That's why it's important to have a well-upholstered sofa to create the right hygge ambience. In Denmark, furniture is often designed to be simple and functional, while still feeling homely. If you choose a sofa with a wooden armrest or wooden legs, this creates a sense of peace and naturalness. An L-shaped sofa offers lots of room and different ways to use your living space. If you have enough space in your living room, it doesn't always have to go in the corner. If you're bold enough, you could opt for an unusual pastel shade or a daring mustard yellow or olive green colour. You can also build your own sofa table to have somewhere to put your cups, books or mobile phone while lying on the sofa.

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Light-coloured wood for your hygge furniture

A table has been placed in front of a wall that has been painted grey. Several wooden chairs have been positioned around it. Three light bulbs are suspended from a branch that extends above the table from one side.
You could try creating this kind of hygge interior in your living room. But why stop here? You can also apply the hygge philosophy to other rooms for an even cosier home. © iStock

In Denmark, there aren't many big cities. Instead, there are lots of dunes, coasts, fjords and wide, flat landscapes. The presence of nature can be felt everywhere. Even at home. Having lots of wooden furniture in light colours gives your home a hygge vibe. Spruce, sycamore and pine are ideal types of wood for this look. Birch branches or driftwood can also be used as decoration.

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Warm rugs to keep your feet warm

Three rugs in different shapes and colours are laid out on a light-coloured wooden floor. They have been arranged creatively to overlap one other and make the room look cosy and peaceful. © istock
Rugs are just as important as lighting when it comes to creating a hygge home. © iStock

Your hygge interior should start with the floor. Use a combination of different-shaped rugs. Go for a rug in a cream tone or a light-brown colour and arrange the rugs on top of one other so that they overlap. This creates a warm ambience. A cosy lambskin or sheepskin rug is ideal for putting down in front of your sofa or bed. It will stop you getting cold feet, while bringing you one step closer to a hygge home. If you want to try a more striking alternative, you can make your room extra cosy by putting up a wall hanging.

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Be edgy – with your pictures

Four evenly spaced pictures are hung up on a light-coloured wall. In front of the wall is a dining table with light-coloured cup chairs.
Create a more minimalist look by just hanging up a few pictures. © iStock

Do you love hanging up pictures? It doesn't matter whether they're holiday snaps or art prints, it's better to focus on a few select photos rather than creating a chaotic mix of images on your wall. A simple and modern wooden frame and a mount will make your images really stand out and draw in the viewer's gaze. Take a look at our article on how you can draw attention to your artwork and hang up pictures correctly .

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Kick back with cool, trendy cushions

Cushions in various colours are arranged on a light-grey sofa.
Sometimes, even the most contrasting colours and shapes can look great together. Try it out for yourself. © iStock

Hygge is also about relaxing. And you can really relax if you have a cushion or two to prop you up. There are lots of options when it comes to cushions. Try combining ones in different shapes and colours. It doesn't matter whether they're bold, striped, monotone or patterned: the more varied they are, the cosier your home will look.

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Flowers are the special hygge-extra

Three bunches of bluey-violet-coloured hydrangeas are placed in a small glass vase.
You can use flowers to regularly change the look of your home. © iStock

You can round off your hygge home in style using flowers. A single flower, such as a gerbera or a hydrangea, fits perfectly with the theme of Scandinavian simplicity. But even an elaborately arranged bouquet in a large round porcelain vase can create a hygge moment if it's positioned in the right place. Of course, you can also get creative here and make your own flower vase for your plants.

If you completely revamp your home in line with the hygge philosophy, it won't just look great, it'll be in line with the latest trend.