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Three-year guarantee

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You can download your guarantee conditions here.
Guarantee conditions

You can download your guarantee conditions here.

Questions & answers on the MyBosch account

Which browser should I use for MyBosch?

In general you can use MyBosch with every browser. However, it is recommended to always use the latest browser version.
October 2018: For security reasons we have excluded very old browser versions (2010-2014).
That means with these browser versions you no longer have excess to MyBosch:
• Internet Explorer <=8
• Android < 4.4
• Safari < 7

Why should I register for MyBosch?

MyBosch offers you an extened guarantee on your newly purchased power, garden and measuring tools of Bosch DIY (of three instead of two years). 

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

In the login or registration window there is the function "Change password". 

What should I do if I reset my password but have not reveiced a confirmation e-mail?

Usually the problem is that this mail has been automatically shifted into the spam folder. Please check your spam folder. In case you can't find the mail in your spam folder, please contact us via our contact form.

Do I have to register in order to use MyBosch?

You have to register in order to use MyBosch and to extend your warranty.

How can I delete my MyBosch account?

Sign up for MyBosch. In your personal profile area under "Account and personal data" you can delete your MyBosch account. But please keep in mind that if you want us to delete your account, it is no longer possible to request a warranty extension for your device.

Which specific information is mandatory for registration?

A user name, a valid email adress and a password are mandatory for registration.

Why isn’t MyBosch available in my country?

Since we want to guarantee you a fast service procedure in a repair case, we can provide MyBosch only in countries with an own service center. Unfortunately, we don’t have a service center in every country. Exceptions are Ireland (users can register in UK) and Luxemburg (users can register in France or Germany)..

Do I have any advantages by indicating my phone number?

Yes, you do. We can reach you way faster in case of any questions (concerning a repair or promotion participation) when you have left your phone number.

Can I connect my MyBosch account with my Facebook account?

No, unfortunately you cannot register with your existing Facebook account. 

What is the difference between MyBosch and Bosch DIY Community (1-2-do community)

MyBosch is a service platform which offers you primarily the possibilty to register and extend the warranty of your tools. MyBosch Community is a forum especially for DIYers. Here you can find questions and answers of like-minded people to DIY, garden and decoration topics.

What do I have to do if I have not received a confirmation email with the activation link?

Usually the problem is that this mail has been automatically shifted into the spam folder. Please check your spam folder. In case you can't find the mail in your spam folder, please contact us via our contact form.

How can I give feedback to MyBosch?

We welcome your feedback via our contact form on MyBosch.

I have a MyBosch account, but the login does not work. I am 100% sure that my credentials are correct.

Usually the problem is that you have a MyBosch account, but no Bosch ID. Since a few months you also need a MyBosch ID for the login on MyBosch. You benefit from the possibilty to login on all Bosch applications with the same credentials.
To get a Bosch ID, you have to register again. Just push the "register" button on MyBosch and register with the same email address that you use for your MyBosch account. This is important to merge your data (warranty extensions etc.) together. After you have registered for a Bosch ID, you'll get an email with an activation link. After you've clicked on the link, you can login on MyBosch the way you used to login.

How can I change my personal data on My Bosch?

After logging in, please click on "My MyBosch profile". Then the following page will open: "My personal data and settings". Here you can change all settings according to your wishes. Please save your changes afterwards. 

Is it possible to change the e-mail address of an existing MyBosch account manually afterwards?

Yes. You can change your e-mail address under "My MyBosch profile".

Is it possible to register products from different manufacturers than Bosch?

You can also register non-Bosch products. But warranty extension, information and services are only available for Bosch DIY power, garden and measuring tools. 

Can I also register Bosch Professional products on MyBosch?

No. Only Bosch DIY products can be registered on MyBosch.
Bosch Professional products can be registered on the following page:


Can I buy spare parts via MyBosch?

Yes, you can.  You can find the suitable spare parts in your "my workshop" area. Just register your power, garden or measuring tool of Bosch DIY and click on "more details" in your "my workshop" area at the respective tool. There you can see a link to the spare part catalog of the respective product.
Furthermore you can find the spare parts shop on the websites of bosch-do-it and bosch garden (service area).

Can I buy tools and material via MyBosch?

No, it is not possible to buy tools and material via MyBosch.

Where do I get recommendations which tools I should use for my project?

If you have any questions about the appropriate tool, please contact our service via our concact form or our service hotline.

Why should I register my tools at MyBosch?

We offer you a warranty extension for your power, garden and measuring tools of Bosch DIY (three instead of two years).

One of my registered tools is broken, how do I delete it from MyBosch?

In the "my workshop" area you can delete the respective tool. Click on "edit" (the product registration form will open) and after that on the trash symbol (for delete). If you have accidentally deleted a product with a guarantee extension, you can still find all important information about the most important data of the guarantee extension in the "guarantee extension" area.

Why does my tool not have a serial number?

There are product categories (e.g. vacuum cleaner, heat guns) which haven't a serial number on the regular place (on the product tag, where the baretool number can also be found). For these categories the entry of the serial number isn't mandatory to receive a warranty extension and the field isn't marked with a *. 
However, if you have bought a product without serial number, please call our service hotline.

Why does MyBosch not accept the serial number of my tool?

Since we have a validation logic behind the entry field of the serial number, there should not be a case like this. The serialnumber is build up only with figures and not letters are never included.
Maybe you have mixed up a 0 with an O (the serial number consists only of figures). Further it has usually 9 digits.
However, if your serial number still does not seem to be correct, please call our service hotline.

Does the 3 years guarantee also apply to promotional tools and tools acquired abroad?

Yes, promotional tools and tools acquired abroad can also be registered on MyBosch 

Does the extended guarantee also apply to replacement tools?

The extended guarantee of retained tools will be transferred to replacement tool. Accordingly the users have to replace the serial number of the retained tool with the one of the replacement tool. 

Where can I reach the MyBosch support?

You can reach our support via the contact form or our service hotline. You can find both directly on MyBosch in the service area.

Who do I have to ask if I have any questions concercing the usage of Bosch power tools?

Our service hotline will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have about our Bosch DIY tools.

How do I get answers to questions regarding data security?

Regarding questions about the data security you can get in contact with our service hotline. They will forward your request to the respective department.

Where do I find legal documents?

Our imprint can be found in the footer of our homepage. Our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy can be found on the login form. The warranty conditions can be found on the corporate website (bosch-do-it oder Bosch-Garden).

Where can I register my device to get the warranty extension?

The link to the registration on My Bosch for warranty extensions of DIY/garden tools is: https://www.bosch-garden.com/de/de/bosch-gartengeraete/mybosch/index.jsp

How long is the general manufacturer's guarantee?

The general manufacturer's guarantee is 24 months. Batteries (6 months guarantee) and wear parts are excluded.

How do I extend the warranty after the purchase of a green power tool?

You can extend the warranty of your tool after you have registered on MyBosch.

Which tools can be registered for warranty extension?

You can register all DIY, garden and meausuring tools.

Are batteries, chargers or accessories excluded from the warranty extension?

These products are excluded from the warranty extension.

When do I have to register my tools for warranty extension?

You have to register your tools up to 30 days after purchase. The decisive factor is the date on your invoice.

How can I print my warranty certificate?

You can find the warranty certificate under "Service&Support" on MyBosch. Click on "Go to My Overview" and you get to your registered devices. There you will find "Download warranty certificate now", just click on it and print out the warranty certificate.

The data of my warranty certificate is not correct. What do I have to do?

In case only the name of your product is not correct, but the bare tool- and serial number are, you don't have to do anything, it's still valid. In case these numbers are not right, please contact our service hotline.

I've received my tool within the framework of a competition/ promotion. Therefore I do not own purchase receipt. Can I stil extend the warranty of my tool?

Yes, you can. Just upload the confirmation of the win/ participation in the promotion instead of the purchase receipt. This will work as an compensation.

I cannot download the warranty extension certificate./ I have not received the certificate.

May be caused by technical problems. Contact our service via the service hotline.

I cannot register my tool. There is an error message in the first registration step.

The tool is not created in our data base. We track every failed trial (email, bare tool number, date). The user receives an email as soon as it is possible to register the tool for the 3YW. The 4 weeks period is not valid in these cases.

Why do I have to indicate product related data and personal data for product registration?

In order to guarantee a secure process for the warranty extension, it’s necessary to ask for certain information.
Product related information are essential to prevent wrong entries and to identify the product in detail.
Personal data is needed to assign the registered product to a real person. That is necessary to prevent wrong entries and detect abuse of product information through third parties. Therefore a registration on MyBosch is essential to receive a warranty extension.

Is the consent of the marketing permission obligatory for the warranty extension?

Yes, the consent to the marketing rights for the warranty extension is mandatory. We offer the user an added value (extended warranty) in exchange for the marketing rights.

This is annoying for the user. Why do we do it anyway?

It is not really unpleasant for the user, he just has to click on an additional checkbox. We give users an extended warranty at no additional cost. The extended warranty, on the other hand, will incur additional costs for Bosch power tools. In return for free use, we ask users for their permission to contact them for marketing purposes.

How often does Bosch contact users for marketing purposes when they grant permissions?

In general, we contact the user once or twice a month by e-mail (newsletter).

How would Bosch contact users when they grant permissions?

In general, we contact the user once or twice a month by e-mail. There is no telephone contact. Only in exceptional cases, which happens very rarely, a user is contacted by telephone. However, we are also entitled to contact the customer by post and push notification. 

Can I revoke my marketing consent as a user after registration?

Yes, the marketing permission can be revoked at any time by sending us a request by e-mail or by using the "Unsubscribe" function in the newsletter.