Creating storage: 10 ways to make more space in your home

A bedroom decorated in shades of grey, featuring a bed and a wardrobe spanning the entire wall next to it, full of dresses. The wardrobe is closed off from the rest of the room with sliding glass doors.
Using curtains or transparent walls or doors, you can create more storage space in a light, airy way. © istock

Ever felt like you had too much storage space? No, we didn’t think so! Here you can find the 10 best ways to create more space in your home – and we think you’ll be surprised.

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Fewer belongings = more storage

A woman carries a box full of jackets and jeans, with other clothing visible in the background.
Once you've a good clean out, you’ll find a host of new storage space. © istock

This is an obvious one: decluttering and throwing out old/unused items automatically frees up more space. To make it easier to separate yourself from your belongings, try to imagine what your life would look like with more space. Nice, eh? Then it’s time to get going: sort any worn-out items into one box, and put keepsakes in another; then create a third box for items you’re selling or giving away. Our tip: get rid of anything that you haven’t worn or used in more than two years. Or simply give it away and make someone else’s day in the process.

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More storage starts in the hallway

A brightly lit hallway featuring a floor-to-ceiling closet with a clothes rail, hangers and baskets.
Get your storage right from the moment you enter your home: you can fit plenty in a floor-to-ceiling closet. © istock

Take a look around and you’ll probably find that the hallway is the one place where items tend to accumulate quickly. All manner of things tend to pile up, in addition to coats, bags, shoes and even the recycling, which probably should have been put out some time ago. You can prevent your hallway from turning into a junk room by adding some practical storage as soon as you walk through the door. How about a built-in closet with drawers, shelves and clothes rails, extending all the way up to the ceiling? And if shoes fit too, that’s perfect! The fewer things you have lying around in full view, the more tidy your hallway will look.

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Walk-in wardrobes: move your storage up a gear

A walk-in wardrobe with glass doors provides more storage in a bedroom.
If a wall or alcove can be separated off from the rest of the room, it’s the perfect spot for a walk-in wardrobe with plenty of storage space. © istock

Have you been dreaming of a walk-in wardrobe since you first saw "Sex and the City"?! Well, it couldn’t be easier to create your own: simply separate off a wall from the rest of your room with sliding doors or curtains – from floor to ceiling, and across the entire length of the wall. Then add shelves, containers and clothes rails to this new space to create your own perfect walk-in wardrobe. It’s guaranteed to create a tonne of space!

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Use room dividers to create more space

A partially visible white bath tub and washing basket in a bathroom, with a chair and sink in the foreground in front of a newly added partition wall.
Partition walls can help to structure rooms, as well as providing extra storage space. © istock

You can make even more space when you separate off areas within a room using lightweight walls or – even easier – by strategically positioning bookshelves or screens. The rear sides can also be used for storage; for example, screens can also serve as clothes racks. Low walls in bathrooms can be used to separate the toilet from the wash room, while also offering somewhere to stow items. And these kinds of dual-function partition walls can even be used outdoors in the garden or on the balcony.

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Want even more storage? Look up to the ceiling!

A loft conversion featuring two sets of bunk beds next to one another, with lots of drawers.
Double bunk beds: you can gain even more space with smart vertical solutions. © istock

What would a kid’s room be without a bunk bed?! But they’re suitable for grown-ups too, especially with a desk or a small cupboard underneath. If your home has high ceilings, you could even think about converting your loft into a bedroom.

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Extra storage in the walls

The corner of a bathroom with a free-standing tub; three shelves are built into the surrounding walls, providing storage for items such as sponges, bottles and hand towels.
Small alcoves look great and offer a home for both decorative and useful items. © istock

Old buildings often feature alcoves of different sizes in the walls – which are suitable for storing books, for example. Of course, if your home doesn’t already have an alcove, you can create your own. The easiest way to do that is by rearranging your furniture to create an extra “room”. Or you can use some drywall to build another wall in front of the existing one, so you can easily add integrated shelves and storage space. You could even draw attention to your handiwork with coloured paint or spotlights.

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Think outside the box

Mostly empty white shelves mounted in a zigzag format in the corner. On one shelf, there are two jars of lentils.
Even mounting shelves like this can help make more room in your cupboards or pantry. © istock

If you’ve ever lived in a small flat or shared apartment, then you know how to get by without much storage. If something doesn’t fit, you simply find a way to make it so! By mounting shelves in a zigzag format like this, no millimetre of space goes unused.

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Hang your kitchenware instead of stacking it

Kitchen utensils and mugs hanging from a rail in a kitchen.
You can create more storage by hanging up items that you’d usually stack up on shelves or in cupboards. © istock

Lots of items are used and need homes in kitchens. If you have a functional fitted kitchen with plenty of cupboards, that’s great! But if not, and you’re wondering what to do with your five pans and 12 different mugs, here’s a tip: try hanging them up instead of stacking them. You can simply use rods/bars or even wire shelves, using hooks to hang up saucepans or food on them. This keeps everything tidy and looks good too.

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Multi-function furniture

A children’s bed with built-in drawers.
One for the price of two: multi-function furniture offers plenty of storage space.

A sofa or bed with drawers, an ottoman in the hallway that can be used for sitting or storing hats and scarves, a mirror that’s also a coat stand, and a desk that folds out to a dining room table. If you’re short on space but have lots to stow away, then multi-function furniture is right for you. Because why waste valuable space if it’s already available as part of furniture?

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Boxes, containers and more

Some boxes sitting on shelves in a white cupboard, with hand towels stored on the shelf between them.
You can never have enough boxes. Use them to store items that would otherwise just be lying around. © istock

Last but not least, there are containers, baskets, boxes, etc. in all shapes and sizes – which are invaluable when it comes to creating more storage space. You can use them to keep all kinds of items out of plain view, from toys, to love letters, tax returns and even ski equipment out of season. With colour coding, labels or transparent plastic containers, it’ll be easy to find what you’re looking for. And the best thing is, you can stack boxes of different sizes into the most awkward corners or beneath slanted ceilings, so you don’t waste an inch of space!