Homemade Christmas decorations – creating beautiful trinkets the whole family will love from everyday objects

A picture of wooden letters spelling xmas hung up on a wooden wall
Get the creativity flowing this Christmas and design your own unique, stunning decorations.

Are you fed up with the same old tired Christmas decorations that get dragged out of the box in the loft year in, year out? Ring a bell? If so, it’s time to start thinking outside that box…

This year, there’s a trend for getting crafty and making homemade everything. Adults and kids alike can enjoy spending time together, getting creative as a family and designing decorations that will impress friends and family and give a sense of pride and passion.

It’s a great way to get the whole family together using your imaginations and creative skills, improving your DIY skills and getting inventive with everyday objects.

Not only that, but they also make great keepsakes. The kids can incorporate their names into the design and note the year on it, so you will have an everlasting Christmas memento.

Make your own wooden letters to spell out festive words

A image of Christmas spelled out on chopped wood
Your imagination is your only limit

This one is super straight forward. Simply use a multi-sander to smooth the wood, then chop into cubes and either write in the pen of your choice, perhaps a festive gold or silver, or cut out the letters to create your very own Christmas message, from the traditional ‘NOEL’, and ‘LET IT SNOW’ to creating your own personalised words and phrases … your imagination is the limit.

Decorated stone baubles

A painted cats face on a stone rested on a red table cloth
Decorate your stones however you wish

There’s a recent trend for stone decorating that’s sweeping the nation. People are painting fun and adorable little designs onto stones and even hiding them out and about in some towns for people to find, snap and upload to social media.

We’ve come up with a fun and festive spin on this.

Simply collect stones of varying sizes, paint on your festive design (you can get special pens or use a paint pen) to create beautiful stone and pebble art. You could either look online for inspiration or create your own designs. Then use cordless drill-driver or a cordless screwdriver to create small precise holes in the top to thread the string through, hang them from the tree and watch them sparkle.

Orange peel decorations

Dried orange segments, cinnamon sticks and a candle holder on some evergreen leaves
Fill your home with a glorious festive aroma

Get the festive season off to the perfect start by creating your own orange peel decorations. From tree ornaments to table decorations, this is such a versatile method, you can literally turn them into anything you like!

Simply dry out the fruit by baking in the oven on a low heat for 3-4 hours, craft the peel into the shape of your choice, i.e. a star, floral decorations, Christmas trees etc. then decorate with festive colours and glitter. You can use a hot glue gun to stick your creations together or add string and hang from the tree.

The smell of the baking oranges will fill your home with a glorious festive aroma guaranteed to get the whole family into the Christmas spirit.