Space under the stairs

A picture of an office underneath an open staircase
The space underneath your stairs doesn't have to be boring

Stairs are the norm and a necessity in two-storey houses but that doesn’t mean the space under them has to be basic. It has so much potential to provide a plethora of different storage options and make this quirky-shaped area that little extraordinary. Here are some suggestions…

A bedroom for your pets

Most spaces under the stairs aren’t large enough to be transformed into a fully functioning bedroom, but they are the perfect size to become a room for our four-legged friends. With their own front door, a section for their food and water bowls plus a comfy sleeping area, this part of the house can become the ideal retreat for our pets. Add some home comforts including photos of the rest of the family on the walls, their favourite cushions, a lick of paint, plus the animal’s name above the door to elevate this area to a whole new level.


A picture of a wooden bookshelf underneath a wooden staircase
Shelves make the perfect storage solution

By adding some simple shelves under the stairs, this part of the house can easily become an ideal storage solution for the huge variety of books that are collected over the years. With the option of also including vertical dividers to create multiple compartments in this new bookcase, this modest accompaniment can visually transform and add an extra dimension to the often-unused space.

Bottle cabinet

A picture of a shelf underneath a wooden staircase
Add decorations to your shelf for a more personalised touch

Adding multiple shelves to the area under the stairs can be applied and maximised even further by creating smaller square segments to form multiple individual bottle sections. The overall effect converts this vacant space into a fantastic bottle storage area. Why not add sliding glass doors to the front of this new bottle cabinet for a charming overall effect?

Separate storage sections for your family

A picture of a storage unit underneath wooden stairs
We love how this keeps everyone's shoes tidy and organised

Possessions can quite easily get mixed up when there are multiple family members, but the space under the stairs can help minimise any confusion. Add coloured boxes to create a compartment for each individual family member, as well as coat hooks, a shoe rack and additional storage options for bags, keys and more to make the most of this area. The school run and the morning dashes to work no longer need to be a stressful experience, with everyone’s belongings ready to go within these separate sections.

Seating area

A picture of a tiny room hidden underneath a white wooden staircase
Transform the space underneath your stairs into a tiny room perfect for an office

This section in a house can be converted into a beautiful new seating area by creating a sturdy wooden seat to be positioned along the floor. Use a re-upholstered seat cushion that is the correct length for your new seating area to add extra comfort to this new seating in your house. Further practical touches such as small wall lights, a small shelf for books or mugs, plus a luxurious blanket for additional comfort will help take this new additional to a whole new level.